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Automate Survey Invitation with Process Builder
Salesforce weekly tips Automate Survey


Add Lightning Web Components as Custom Tabs
Salesforce  weekly Tips add lightning web

Now you can Navigate Users Directly to an App
Salesforce weekly Tips now you can navigate

The Lightning Web Components Freamework is now Open Source

Salesforce  weekly Tips the lightning now open source

Access the Recycle Bin in Lightning ExperienceSalesforce  weekly Tips access the recycle bin


Analyze your Automated Business Processes in Automation Home (Beta)Salesforce  tips  automation home (beta)


Power up your related Lists with Enhanced Related Lists

Salesforce  weekly Tips  enhanced related lists

Butter results when filtering encrypted dataSalesforce weekly tips filtering encrypted data


Send Surveys for Free Salesforce Salesforce weekly  tips send survey for free salesforce


Keep Record Context when Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Salesforce  weekly tips keep record context


Now read and search VS Code documentation all in one placeSalesforce weekly  tips serch VS code


Get Lightning Experience on your phone with Lightning on Mobile (Pilot)Salesforce weekly  tips with lightning on mobile


Control with whom to Share ActivitiesSalesforce weekly tips  share activities


Take advantage of the new Enhanced Report Relationships

Salesforce  weekly tips enhanced report relationships

Fix code formatting in Developer Console using the Prettier Formatter

Salesforce tips prettier formatter

Store more and large Debug Logssalesforce weekly  tips store more and larger debug logs


Limit the number of accounts and contactsSalesforce weekly tips limit the number


Access the Locker API Viewer in the Component Library

Salesforce weekly tips Component library

Improve your sales forecasts by including only relevant custom fields

Salesforce weekly tips Improve your sales

Route Work to Agents Using Both Queues and Skills Simultaneously in the Same Orgsalesforce weekly tips Route work

Support your customers with Text Messaging and Facebook Messenger

salesforce weekly tips support your customers

Use the updated features in the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter use the updated features

Select a Match when the Automatic Match Isn’t the Right One  select a match


Improve your Salesforce Implementation with Optimizerwith optimizer


Change your view with Display Density Settingsdensity settings


Evaluate and Benchmark JavaScript Code with Locker Consoleevaluate and benchmark


Assign a New Owner to Multiple Leads, Cases, or Custom Objectsassign a new owner


Reject Leads that don’t use reCAPTCHA

reject leads
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