Trailhead Leaderboard - Salesforce Trailblazers - Techforce Services
Trailhead Leaderboard - Salesforce Trailblazers - Techforce Services

Hello Trailblazers,

If you are blazing through salesforce trailhead

  • to learn and practice your salesforce skills or
  • to prepare for your salesforce certification or
  • to improve your salesforce development & implementation knowledge,

in the process of doing the trails, you want to know how much you have progressed in the ocean of trails, modules, projects, and Superbadges globally and where you stand currently among the other global trailblazers who are using Salesforce trailhead.

here are some of the (unofficial) trailhead leaderboards developed by the community where you can enroll/register your trailhead profile and check your progress with the other trailblazers.

 Trailhead Leader Board(unofficial)

1.Trailhead Leaderboard


3.Top Trailblazers

4. Salesforcenextgen

2018-03-09 (4)

5.Trailhead Leaderboard

2018-03-09 (6)

About Author’s Trailhead Profile

Trailhead Leaderboard

Happy Trailblazing !!

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