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We at Techforce Services love Trailhead and take the challenge to complete most of the trails, modules, projects & superbadges as they are released. Last week we started with the newest of the superbadges “Lightning Experience Reports and Dashboards Specialist”. This post is a summary of some key tips to help you solve the superbadge.

These are not direct answers or solutions that you can replicate, but they will help you clear the hurdles in each of the steps.

Prework and Notes to Earn this Superbadge

    • Set Up a new Trailhead Playground for this superbadge. It will help you reduce a lot of configuration issues.
    • Don’t forget to add a Value (SolarBot) into Opportunity type (Picklist Value). It is the one of the key filter value in Reports.
    • Make sure all Public Groups created properly (better to copy/paste the names from the superbadge details to avoid silly mistakes).
    • The most important thing is some of the terminologies used not match the name as it appears in the UI (For Example, Solution=Report Type, Categories=Bucket Field and etc)

Step 1:

    • SolarBot report folders use the naming convention SolarBot [team/group] Reports.([team/group replaced by Executive, Sales, Support, R&D]
    • Report Location and Report Type are very Important. Tip: Collect all SolarBot information, whether or not they have related SolarBot Status records
    • Pay attention when Moving reports from existing folder to New Folders

Get some practice for Editing Report type page layout to remove particular fields Tip: Create a dummy report type page layout and move unwanted field into that, Finally delete the page layout

Step 2:

  • Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities: Create a Cross Filter as below
    • Account without Opportunity
    • Opportunity type = Solarbot
  • SolarBot High-Case Candidates: Use Summary field(Number of SolarBots on Account Object) which already created for you(Number of SolarBots=0)
  • SolarBot Warranty Call Sheet: Pick only Warranty Expired Accounts(Under Warranty?=False)

Step 3:

  • Top Case Drivers by SolarBot Ownership

    • Report Type is Case(Standard)
    • Row Summary field is: SOLARBOT OWNERSHIP
      Column Summary Field is: CASE REASON
    • SolarBot Status Averages
      • Report Type is SolarBot and Status Date(Custom which you have created)

Step 4:

  • Temperature to kWh Research
    • Make sure the Bucket field value ranges are correct
    • Group by Temperature Range (Bucket field)
    • Remove Details, Subtotal, Grand Total

Step 5:

  • SolarBot Loyalty Revenue: The formula is very Important
    • Tip: IF the Sum of Number_of_SolarBots__c < 1 the Adjusted Expected Revenue is Just Sum of Expected Amount only otherwise The Adjusted Expected Revenue is Expected Amount + Expected Amount *10%
    • The main conditions is the opportunity having Solarbot or not
      Chart is: Vertical Bar type

Step 6:

  • Sales Report Modifications
    • Add Billing state field and group it
    • Use Relative Date Filter for “Next 45 days”
  • Support Report Modifications
    • Add Phone field and pick the chart type as Horizontal Stack bar (tick the 100%) for the first report
    • Change data by week instead of by day and Pick the Chart as Line type for the second report
  • R&D Report Modifications
    • Compare average kWh and average panel temperature by SolarBot model on another axis
    • Place categories on the X-axis, with count on the Y axis
    • Pick the Chart as Vertical bar type

Step 7:

  • SolarBot Pipeline by Stage
    • Report: SolarBot Loyalty Revenue
    • Component Type: Vertical Bar
    • TipMax Groups Displayed = 9
  • Case Drivers and SolarBot Ownership
    • Report: Top Case Drivers by SolarBot Ownership
    • Component Type: Vertical Sack Bar
    • Tip: Stack to 100%
  • Temperature and Kilowatt Hour Relationship
    • Report: Temperature to kWh Research
    • Component Type: Line Type
    • Tip: X Axis=Temperature Range and SolarBot Model; Y Axis=Average KiloWatt Hours
  • SolarBot Evangelism Countdown
    • Report: Accounts without SolarBot Opportunities
    • Component Type: Gauge Type
    • Tip: Careful the Segment Range Setting
  • Opportunity Overview
    • Report: SolarBot Loyalty Revenue
    • Component Type: Lightning Table
    • Tip: Set Prospecting first on the list stage opportunities

Step 8:

  • Color Scheme
    • Set the Dashboard Theme as Dark Except Opportunity Overview component
    • Pick “Sunrise” as Dashboard Palette
  • Marquis Accounts
    • Create a Dashboard Filter and name it as Marquis Accounts
    • Add 2 mentioned Account
    • Pick account name in 1st and 5th component in instead of primary partner
  • SolarBot App Page: Add this dashboard into SolarBot App Page
  • Schedule the Report: Schedule this report to you for every Tuesday 9 a.m

Lightning Superbadge

Hope this will help you Trailblazers to solve this superbadge. Thanks for visiting our blog.

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  1. Hi Monika,

    I am stuck on Challenge 6 with the below error:

    We can’t find the graph specific to the ‘Temperature to kWh Research’ report showing each temperature range and the list of models within that range.

    Don’t know what am I missing here, I have chosen a vertical bar chart.
    X-Axis: Temperature Range
    Solarbot Model
    Y-Axis: Record Count
    Average Kilowatt Hours

    Could you please help me here

  2. Ashish Dhamija,

    Please make sure:

    The X-Axis should be following Order
    1. Temperature Range
    2. SolarBot Model

    The Y-Axis is “Average Kilowatt Hours”

    Additionally, Disable the “Row Count” and “Grant Total” Keep only “Detail Row” on the report.

    Please let me know If you required any help!


  3. Get some practice for Editing Report type page layout to remove particular fields Tip: Create a dummy report type page layout and move unwanted field into that, Finally delete the page layout

    what is the report type page layout?
    i didnt get it?

    1. Hi Neeraj,

      Please check your Report Type and look after the “Field Layout Properties” (Edit Layout). Then your problem will be solved


  4. Hi, Karthik,
    I love your blog! It’s helpful and interesting.

    I’m stuck on step 6. I keep getting the following error message: The ‘SolarBot Warranty Call Sheet’ report doesn’t show the correct group of accounts. Remember that best practice for managing filters is to group similar items, like warranty status or states, together. Remove any unnecessary parentheses.

    – My filters are: All Accounts, Last Activity = All Time, Under Warranty (locked) = False, Warranty Expiration less or equal to NEXT 45 DAYS, and Billing State = NV,UT,CA

    – I’ve got Account Name and Phone as columns

    – The report is currently grouped by rows: Warranty Expiration and Billing State/Province I’ve tried many other combinations of groupings between warranty exipry and billing state (RR, CR, RC, and CC). None has worked.

    – Where does the “Remove any parentheses” come from? I’ve never seen that error message before and wasn’t aware that any of my filters are parenthetical.

    I cannot find my error. What am I not seeing?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi

      Seems to be Your X and Y axis are correct.

      Group by only “Billing State/Province”
      Acceding by only “Under Warranty?”


  5. I am also having difficulty with the 6th challenge. I am getting the following error message:

    We can’t find the additional analysis by model being performed on the ‘Temperature to kWh Research’ report. Remember that you can organize data horizontally and vertically at the same time.

    The chart is set up as follows:

    Temperature Range
    SolarBot Model

    Average Kilowatt Hours

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  6. Challenge Not yet complete… here’s what’s wrong:
    The ‘SolarBot Warranty Call Sheet’ filter shouldn’t be adjustable by users.

  7. For challenge 3, I keep getting an error stating that my data is cumulative. I am using the custom report type, which passed in challenge 1, and brought in the 3 measures at the “status” level and changed them to “average”. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Can you kindly mention the report name which you are struggling , please?

      I can help you ASAP


    2. Hi Jeff,

      Follow the below points may help you also if the Report name Is ‘SolarBot Status Averages’

      Chat Name: Weekly Panel Temperature and kWh

      Chrt Type: Line Chart

      X axis –> Status Date

      Y axis –> Average Panel Temprature
      Average Killowatt Hours

      Do not pick “cumulative”


  8. I’m doing challenge 3 and I can’t pass. This is the error:

    Challenge Not yet complete… here’s what’s wrong:
    The ‘SolarBot Status Averages’ report is displaying cumulative data.

    Please help!

    1. Hi Renan,

      Follow the below points:

      Chat Name: Weekly Panel Temperature and kWh

      Chrt Type: Line Chart

      X axis –> Status Date

      Y axis –> Average Panel Temprature
      Average Killowatt Hours

      Do not pick “cumulative”

  9. Hi Karthik,
    I am stuck at challenge 6 with the below error:

    Challenge Not yet complete… here’s what’s wrong:
    The ‘SolarBot Warranty Call Sheet’ report doesn’t show the correct group of accounts. Include the filter from when the report was first created.

    I have tried all possible filters to get the correct Accounts listed but in vain.

    Could you please assist.


    1. Hi Pushkar,

      Please follow the filter in below:

      1. Billing state/Provice = NV,UT,CA
      2.Under Warranty? = False
      3. Warranty Expiration = NEXT 45 DAYS

      Logic is : 1 AND(2 OR 3)

      it should work!


  10. Hi Karthik,

    I’m stuck on step 7 of this badge. I’ve gotten the error message, “The ‘Solarbot Pipeline by Stage’ component is the incorrect size or in the incorrect position.” Part of the instructions read, “Position this 6X4 component in the upper left of the dashboard.”

    When I look at my dashboard, that component is in the upper left hand of the dashboard and it’s 6 blocks high and 4 blocks wide. I’ve refreshed the dashboard before checking the challenge.

    I’m at a complete loss.

  11. Hi Laura,

    It should be 6 blocks wide and 4 blocks high NOT the other way around

    Make sure:
    6 row blocks
    4 column blocks


  12. Hi there,

    Great blog, really helpful. Thanks for sharing!
    I’m struggling with the Step #7 though and my chart named “SolarBot Pipeline by Stage” does not look like yours. I can’t work out how to arrange stages with “Qualification” at the beginning and “closed won” at the end, and get the error message that my graph isn’t displayed data properly.

    Am I supposed to change setting directly in the dashboard or do I need to go back to my report? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Oh well, I worked it out on my own in the end! I entirely deleted the dashboard, started again from scratch and it worked. Happy days! This thing drove me nuts. As much as I love these challenges, they are something a little buggy and it’s very frustrating.

  13. Hi Julia,

    Sorry I couldn’t able to reply you, But I am happy you have fixed your own.

    Great Effort!


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