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Jitterbit is the leading cloud-based API Integration system enabling companies to easily link SaaS, on-site, and cloud applications and instantly infuse insight into any business process.

As the number of applications and technologies available to companies continues to increase, there is also an increasing demand for agile and productive implementation to serve these digital enterprises through integrating the strength of APIs, automation and artificial intelligence.

 Value Creation through Jitterbit

  • Jitterbit enables product innovation.
  • Jitterbit makes it easy for individual business units to automate it’s business process flow and dependent applications integration, be it cloud-based, SaaS or onsite.
  • Jitterbit leverages its benefits right after its implementation and reaps the benefits instantaneously.
  • Management of multiple end-user touchpoints made easy through unified integration capabilities.

Our Capabilities

  • Digital transformation includes seamless end-user touchpoints.  Our industry experts work side by side with you to accelerate innovation beyond anything you previously thought possible.
  • Our enterprise services capability supports your technology integration requirements to ensure your business applications and its supportive business processes are optimally run and managed inline with your organization’s business strategy
  • We can leverage our experience and drive your business to market new ideas at a faster pace and ensure possible conversions targeting your intended audience.

Key Technolgy Takeovers of Jitterbit

Jitterbit enables users to design, test, deploy, run, and manage their Jitterbit integration projects. Jitterbit helps businesses make faster, more effective decisions by enabling them to unify and exploit data from all sources

Application Integration 

  • Integrate corporate databases and CRM applications 
  • Update applications with transactional ERP data
  • Automate electronic order processes across systems 


  • Integrate cloud applications with back-end systems 
  • Consolidate corporate data to offer as a Web Service 
  • Integrate product inventory with XML-driven partners 


  • Synchronize inventories across multiple partners 
  • Transform data into multiple B2B formats 

Data Migration and Synchronization

  • Consolidate disparate data from multiple locations 
  • Update data across ERP, CRM and custom apps 
  • Provide analyzable data for regulatory compliance monitoring

Our team of certified industry experts shall provide you with hands-on Subject Matter Expertise and advisory on your technology integration needs.

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