Salesforce world tour Sydney Redefined

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Salesforce world
tour Sydney Redefined

The most awaited series of the Salesforce Sydney is live. This time, with the whole new ball game and bringing in the first time experience of ONLINE streaming!Salesforce is known for and termed to be the “The global roadshow”, Held across different continents, these events feature special breakout sessions, visionary keynotes and live demos by companies across the world.

World Tour Sydney Reimagined will be live-streamed.

How to navigate salesforce online expo:

Why be a part of World Tour Sydney Reimagined?

To learn and participate in their latest innovations

It is absolutely FREE Plus, there is a chance that you might get to meet some of the big names in the tech space. And all of this without spending a dime!

Great opportunity to network and make new connections

A line-up of impressive Keynotes

The salesforce series are unique in each of their presentations and always make sure to bring out the finest in their content. It is an event which enhances one’s self-esteem and constantly strives for innovation. This time, as convenient as they got by streaming online, it is surely an event which is worth interacting every minute and doubtlessly cannot be missed!
Here’s what you can look forward to a full-day program of inspiration & learning, featuring 45 live-streamed sessions and 55+ new on-demand sessions. Sessions are all about learning, growing your success, and discovering how to connect to your customers in new ways.

See Full Agenda:

Hear how the community of Trailblazers are disrupting industries, shaping the future and transforming the world – and how you can too.


Join Pip Marlow, CEO Salesforce ANZ and special guests who are transforming their industries together, driving exceptional customer experiences, and enacting meaningful change.

Also be inspired by outstanding thought leaders and panelists like :

Billie Jean King, Tennis Hall-of-Fame & Gender Equality Activist
Craig Foster, Australian Footballer, Broadcaster and Human Right Activist
David Thodey AO, Chair, CSIRO
Erin Molan, Sports Presenter
Ronni Kahn, CEO, OzHarvest
Turia Pitt, Best Selling Author, Athlete & Mindset Coach
Pip Marlow, CEO & Executive Vice President, Salesforce ANZ
Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth & Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce
Vu Tran, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, GO1

Salesforce will showcase how the world’s leading companies, like Fisher & Paykel, are planning to take advantage of new products and technologies such as Salesforce Customer 360, Einstein Voice Skills, and more, to change the way their employees innovate, skill up, and deliver integrated customer experiences.Connect to your customers in a whole new way with the power of Salesforce Customer 360

Online Expo with live demonstrations, interactive group discussions with peers and experts and 1:1 consultations. asked questions (FAQ) –


The first ever online #SalesforceTour is happening Now! Tune in at

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