Salesforce World Tour Sydney 6 March 2018

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Salesforce World Tour
Sydney 6 March 2018

Most Salesforce World Tour events focus on creating buzz around the high-level ideas that the technology company is working on. The Salesforce World Tour 2018 Sydney was no different.

This year there were lots of discussion around the new Lightning interface, artificial intelligence and the customer journey. There were many options to learn how to use Salesforce in a better manner.

There was even a smartphone app to help you plan your day. This was really helpful. The sessions were overlapping. Without the app you could have found yourself bouncing around to different sessions all day.

Our team had a lot of fun during the day, both learning and hanging out with each other and a whole lot of Trailblazers.


Team with mascots - Salesforce World Tour Sydney - Techforce Services
Meeta, Monika and Prakash (left to right) with Appy and Einstien

Here we list summaries of some important sessions along with our takeaways.

Make the World a Better Place


Every year, Trailblazers from all over Australia gather together at the Sydney World Tour for a fun-filled day of career transformation, innovation, and connecting with fellow Trailblazers.

At the World Tour, Salesforce shared the company’s vision for the future and announced key innovations to the Customer Success Platform. These innovations are aimed towards empowering the users to connect with their customers in a whole new way. They also shared how Salesforce is embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


We Are All Trailblazers


Trailblazers are customer innovators, technology disruptors, and global shapers.

In the world of Salesforce anyone can be a Trailblazer —developers, administrators, sales leaders, marketers, and CEOs.

In his keynote, the AMP CEO, Craig Meller, highlighted the customer-led technology investments that led to a solid financial result. With Financial Services Cloud, AMP went from 40 systems to one platform, and got a single view of their customers. By connecting every channel across the company, they provided customers with a seamless, consistent experience.

He said that AMP investment into technology capabilities such as its Goals 360 advice platform and Salesforce CRM was transforming the financial planning process for customers and the advisers supporting them.



Keynote: The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be shaped by Trailblazers

Executive Vice President of Product and Solutions Marketing, Stephanie Buscemi, kicked things off by talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution. She spoke about the incredible wave of revolution that’s building, in which the physical and digital worlds are beginning to blur. Innovation and technology are radically transforming our economies, societies, and lives.


Trailblazers define every industrial revolution. The,Fourth Industrial Revolution is no different as, it too, will be shaped by Trailblazers. Now more than ever, we need to blaze trails together, and create a future for us – not let the future happen to us.


Circle the Schools coming to Australia


Global Circle the Schools program to Australia is part of Salesforce’s commitment to equality and giving back to the community.

The students in our community need our support in navigating the changes brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We need to be active in ensuring technological advances don’t lead to inequality by acting now to advance equal opportunity in education.

As part of this program, each school will be matched with a Salesforce executive sponsor. Also, a team of employees who will take part in volunteer activities throughout the year. All schools involved in the Circle the Schools program will receive:


  1. A tailored action plan, with at least four engagements aimed at meeting jointly-developed STEM education goals.
  2. Salesforce employees will volunteer time and funding to support initiatives.


We looked into the future


The future of work, the future of organizations and, most importantly, the future of customer engagement drove discussions in the future-themed breakouts. The Trailblazers at the expo snuck a peek over the horizon in Codey’s IoT shop – getting hands-on experience with the technologies that are propelling us forward. We can all be disruptors, leaders, and agents of change, personally and professionally – and technology is at the heart of innovation


There was lots of love among the Ohana


If you ask anyone, one of the best bits about World Tour, it would be the coming together of our Aussie and Kiwi Ohana. World Tour is always a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones, to hear how Trailblazers are championing customer success in their organizations and learn how others are tackling similar problems. Yep, it was definitely a big love in.


Loads of learning in the Campground


The Campground was THE place to get all the answers from Salesforce and the partner community. You could experience the tech that can help you connect with your customers in a whole new way. It was also the place for fun. There was Astro’s River Run VR challenge, abseiling with Astro and Codey at the 3D photo booth. You could also get your hands dirty planting 4000 seedlings for Greening Australia.

The Trailhead Zone hosted more learning than ever before – aside from the five hands-on workshops and 24 practical sessions, 547 people completed trails to earn the World Tour Sydney Trailhead badge.


A future of equality


Equality is one of the core values at Salesforce. Emma Alberici hosted a powerful panel discussing the challenges and opportunities in creating a future of equality.

During the panel, Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, spoke of the importance in fostering a culture where misogyny, homophobia, sexism, and racism is called out. He also emphasized on the need for mentoring and support groups to help those underrepresented thrive.

Penny Locaso, CEO, and Founder of BKrindred, argued that traditional work structures needed to be re-imagined while working against equality. Resoundingly, one of the key takeouts from the day was that business and strong leadership is the greatest catalyst for equality change, and that means motivating more businesses to be part of the solution.


The individual trailblazers


It wasn’t just brand sharing their Trailblazing stories. World Tour Sydney 2018 also shone a light on the individuals driving change within their organizations, pushing for customer success and just being downright Trailblazers.

Trailblazer Rebecca Aichholzer received a Golden Hoodie. She is only the second person in APAC to be gifted the coveted jacket.“Being a Trailblazer to me is about being an innovator, a disruptor,” she said. “It’s about always learning and growing in yourself, and actually creating a world that you want to live in.”

We had a lot of fun at the Sydney World Tour 2018. Looking forward to meeting you at the 2019 edition.

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