Salesforce Trailhead| Business Administration Specialist Superbadge

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Salesforce Trailhead |
Business Administration
Specialist Superbadge

We at Techforce Services love Trailhead and take the challenge to complete most of the trails, modules, projects & superbadges as they are released.

This post is a summary of some key tips to help you solve the superbadge.
These are not direct answers or solutions that you can replicate, but they will help you clear the hurdles in each of the steps.     

Specialist Superbadge Prework:

Create a new Trailhead Playground for this superbadge, which is best practice. Then install the following unmanaged package in to the playground.

Please check the following link which provides the instructions for installing a package in a trailhead org

Specialist Superbadge Challenge 1

Download the csv file as shown below:

Correct the following issues from the data set:
Account Name should be lower case instead of Upper
If you found Type is empty value please fill with Residential.
Modify the Billing state as shown below:
Neveda = NV
New Mexico = NM
Colorado = CO

Your data set will look like following the image:

Import the csv in to your new playground by Dataloader.
Now you have completed your first challenge successfully.

Specialist Superbadge Challenge 2

Create all user in salesforce as they were given in this challenge
Give more attention on Roles, Profiles, Locales and Language otherwise error will stop you when trying to complete this challenge.
Please compare your user list page with the following image.
Lincoln Ulrich is a marketing user, please tick the marketing User check box if haven’t already.

Create a permission set with name of “Bilingual Pilot”.
Shinji required to access the “Language Preference” field from account object, Please give access to the user as picture shown:

Good News is you have completed 2 challenge

Specialist Superbadge Challenge 3

To complete this challenge we have to create following reports and dashboards.


Accounts by Market Report
High Value Residential Report
Rated Accounts by State Report
Open Support Cases Report


Team Scoreboard Dashboard
Rep Scoreboard Dashboard

Accounts by Market Report

Create a matrix report from account object(Report Type)
Create a bucket field with name of “Market” the source column is “Type”.

Column Grouping field is : “Rating” and Row Grouping field is the bucket field which we have created recently(“Market”).

High Value Residential Report

This is a simple and straightforward report.
It is a Summary Report from again Account Object (Report Type).
Account Name is Grouping Field
Annual Revenue should be summarised and,
Add the filter which is Type = “Residential”

Compare your report with above image before save the report.

Rated Accounts by State Report

Matrix report from Account Object(Report Type)
Same filter as previous report: Type = Residential
Column Grouping field is : “Rating” and Row Grouping field is Billing State/Province.

Open Support Cases Report

This report from Case object(Report Type)
User the filter as Status = “New, Working, Escalated” for this matrix format report.
This report has 2 level of grouping: First “Account Name” and the second is “Priority”.

Team Scoreboard Dashboard

If you follow the instructions from the requirement you will get dashboard exactly like shown in picture.

Rep Scoreboard Dashboard

Please read carefully the requirement especially Titles and Dashboard types /size.

Now you have completed challenge 3 successfully.

Challenge 4

Find Email Setting and add the signature as shown below:

Create a letterhead with provided Logo and Line’s color instructions.

Create Email Template folder with name of “Residential Sales Emails”.
This folder contains 2 email templates
Residential Sales Welcome Email
Residential Sales Correspondence
Copy and paste from the requirement in to the email templates as they were given the instructions.

Challenge 5

Create a sales process with name of “Residential Opportunities”.
Add only the required values as shown below:

Create a new opportunity Page layout with name of “Residential Opportunity” ,you should and the “quantity” field.
Read the instructions and remove fields which are not required.

Create Opportunity Compact View:

Label: Residential Opportunity Compact View

Include Fields: Account Name
Probability (%)
Create a record type with name of ”Residential Opportunity” and assign only for “Sales” and “System Administrator” profile.
Fix the Page Layout assignment also to complete this challenge.

Challenge 6

Find the groups and create a group shown as the instruction in below:
Name: Residential Sales Team Product Collaboration
Description: This collaboration space is for Residential Sales team members to ask product questions of one another and the Product Support Specialist team.
Information: As a reminder, monthly webinars with the Product Support Specialist team are on the second Tuesday at 3:00 PM MT. Ask Lincoln Ulrich for the invite. For more information about using Salesforce, check out the TrailheadCRM Basicsmodule.
Access Type: Private.
Add Group Members.
Ask a question and @mention Ada Balewa and write, “Thank you so much for helping the team out like this. Without your brains, we couldn’t shine so brightly!
You have completed the Super Badge!


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