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Know more about the Salesforce Developers Survey Community

The Salesforce Developers Survey Report 2019 takes a look at the skills, both technical and business, available (or lacking) within the Salesforce developers community.

Based on our experience, we have also shared what needs to be done to address some of the challenges or to take advantage of some of the strengths.

Download the report now to find more. 

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What Will You Find In This Report

Technical Skill of Developers - Techforce Services
Business Skills of Developers - Techforce Services
Developer Preferences - Techforce Services

Technical Skills

How many developers consider Apex to be their top skill? How good is the understanding of the front end development skills? Get answers to these questions and more.

Business Skills

In the current business environment, it is just not sufficient for a developer to have only technical skills. To be successful, they would need to have different business skills as well. What business skills do developers feel confident about?

Developer Preferences

Find out how popular Salesforce Lightning is versus Salesforce Classic among developers. Which is the most popular IDE – is it or is it another one?