Case Study

Salesforce Data Management & Analysis

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Case Study

Salesforce Data
Management & Analysis

Client / Industry: Rehau / Manufacturing

Timeframe: June 2018 – ongoing

Area of expertise: Training, Learning and Development

Responsible for

Techforce Services worked with the Rehau team in ANZ to deliver data model, data capture, and data visualization/insights in their sales & operations segments using Salesforce Platform.


Resellers provide sales information in various files to Rehau. To perform analysis and insights these files need to be uploaded into the ERP system and further extract relevant information into files. There was a clear need for gathering all the key/master information into Salesforce and get the insights back to the sales & operation teams efficiently.

Salesforce user adoption was also less and to boost the user adoption and increase productivity a targeted and relevant training needs to be provided to Rehau users.


Techforce Services worked with Rehau team to understand their current processes and requirements. Creating the right data model, enabling efficient data capturing mechanisms and building reports, and dashboards for the data analysis and visualization which gave the sales & operations team the much-needed insights.

Once the solution has been developed, Techforce Services delivered the learning solutions for Rehau users understanding the complexity of user needs. Techforce Services provided the training for various roles targeting super users, managers and end users. Documented the training material for each process separately making it easy for the user to work along with
the document and providing the right amount of support.

Techforce Services training had contributed Rehau with a well-trained workforce.

Outcomes and benefits

  • Better Data insights for the Sales Management
  • Data Consolidation and Improved performance
  • Targeted training based on roles helped improve user adoption of Salesforc
  • Training helped in getting the users to use the technology correctly and efficiently
  • Increase in user productivity

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