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Salesforce Implementation - Techforce Services

Our Salesforce Implementation services gets your out of the box Salesforce license up and running really quick.

Whether you are a first time Salesforce user or using a new Salesforce license, our team of experienced Salesforce Certified Professionals will ensure a quick and well managed implementation.


More often than not implementing a CRM system is considered a cost and not an investment. Whatever the outlook, it is important that money spent has a fair ROI . A CRM system used to its full potential will give a fair ROI. 

If you are a small organisation with less than 5 people using the Salesforce CRM, the out of the box solution should work for you. The basic version by itself is powerful enough to manage the routine activities of a small business.

However, as the number of people using Salesforce increases, so does the complexity involved, the out of the box solution may not be suitable. The Salesforce platform allows deep customisations suiting different industry and business needs.

Moreover, your organisation will itself will have a number of moving parts to consider and brought together to roll out an efficient Salesforce solution.


At Techforce Services, we follow the 4U-4I Framework to deliver relevant services to our clients.

Using this framework, built after years of working in the Salesforce environment, helps you to complete the Salesforce Implementation in a structured, robust and timely manner.

Within the 4U-4I Framework, we will follow a three pronged approach for a successful Salesforce Implementation for you:


As your Salesforce Implementation partner we will do a quick but deep dive into your organisational goals. Through workshops and individual sessions we will focus on understanding what you are trying to achieve from this project.


We understand that people are the key to any successful project implementation. Keeping that in mind, we will interact with relevant representatives to understand the operational challenges at different levels. These interactions will be both with senior team members, client facing team members as well as those that will manage the Salesforce platform on a daily basis.


Our consultants will get a detailed understanding of your current processes. Based on our experience across industries we will also make recommendations for optimising your processes.

If you have any query specific to our Salesforce Implementation Services, please share your query below. Someone from our team will be in touch shortly.