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Salesforce Health Check is a quick and low cost method to evaluate the value you are getting out of your investment in Salesforce Org.

After having spent anything over a year of using Salesforce, conducting a detailed Salesforce Health Check helps you find ways to optimise your Salesforce experience.


A robust Salesforce Health Check can solve two problems:

  1. It will act as a bridge between what you expect from your Salesforce investment and the possibilities.
  2. It will bring you up to speed with the latest Salesforce features that you can use.

A Salesforce Health Check can also help you identify issues in areas you may not have either cared or prioritised for lack of time:

  1. Are there any security gaps in your environment?
  2. Is the deployed code efficient to meet your requirement?
  3. Are there any integration challenges or opportunities?
  4. What are the gaps in user adoption and usage trends?
  5. Why your systems have become slower?


The 4U-4I Framework developed & followed by us ensures that your Salesforce Health Check is conducted to yield the maximum value for your business.

Our experience with several industries, many businesses & projects and most of the Salesforce products gives us a strong understanding of the areas where things could be wrong. This allows us to have a head start when conducting the health check.

We use a consultative approach, listening to your users, understanding their issues while reviewing your existing Salesforce environment.

Our health check process delivers the following to you:

  1. A better understanding of where you are vs. where you want to be
  2. A detailed plan to improve the metrics which are relevant to your business
  3. A suggested roadmap on what needs to be done next to extract more value from your Salesforce investment

Salesforce can transform your business and improve the experience for your customers and employees. However, this can only be achieved if the platform is configured and optimized to support your needs.

Keen on figuring out how you can improve your Salesforce performance? We provide an initial consultation where an expert from our team will understand your Salesforce org and suggest enhancements.

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