Case Study

Partner Community Portal Enhancement

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Case Study

Partner Community
Portal Enhancement

Client / Industry: Business Events Sydney

Timeframe: June 2018 – April 2019

Area of expertise: Software engineering and Development

Responsible for

Techforce Services worked with BESydney team in understanding their old partner portal, which was built on the out-dated framework, that was not completely aligned to their business process. Our Business Analysts have actively participated in the Planning, analysis phase, liaised with BESydney team for UAT, the development team involved in the implementation and deployment phase and the QA team performed different types of testing like functional, regression testing.


The BESydney Partner Community Portal was built on a legacy framework. This had functional limitations and was not visually appealing. There existed some broken features on the portal. There was a need for a framework which seamlessly integrates to their Salesforce CRM and supports new components that function and make it visually appealing with new branding.


Project Discovery: We played a key role in the project discovery phase where the business realised their enhanced process. We understood their current process and proposed different alternatives and allowed them to decide the suitable processes Identifying the components strategies: There was a decision to be made based on the requirements the implementation technique and have identified that the latest Salesforce Lightning Components with community Builder offers a simple and visually impacted approach that uses HTML, CSS, Javascript Implementation: The implementation was carried out at tabs level and confirmed if that was implemented as expected, in line with the old way along with new features.

The portal had many different tabs and categorised based on the business and data representations. The popular Cloud-based CRM – Salesforce’s Lightning Component was used to implement and design the portal and has been successfully deployed.

Security and Approvals: There were different levels of information that should be displayed based on the user profiles, we have restricted and displayed or granted access to the desired data. The approvals processes were successfully implemented. These are sometimes controlled programmatically.

Deployment: tested components are deployed to Production and integrated
seamlessly by tracking stages and components using Runsheet.

Outcomes and benefits

  • More user friendly and visual friendly UI with new branding changes for the portal.
  • All the broken features were fixed and working as expected
  • All approval processes are well-integrated as expected
  • Identified and removed all unwanted components in the portal

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