Case Study - NSW Electoral Commission

About NSW Electoral Commission

At NSW State and local government elections, electoral participants including political parties, candidates, third-party campaigners and political donors are required to disclose to the NSW Electoral Commission political donations made and received and electoral expenditure incurred. The NSW Electoral Commission is responsible for publishing on its website, the political donations and electoral expenditure disclosed by electoral participants and donors.

Problem Identification

This project was for the NSW Electoral Commission’s public website for disclosures by electoral participants and donors. The existing platform for the publication of disclosures was using a legacy application. Among other issues, it was slow and did not present a user friendly interface.

NSWEC Old Site
UI for the old NSWEC site

There was also a significant change in legislation with the introduction of new electoral funding laws aimed at providing members of the public more meaningful and timely information on political donations in the lead up to the 2019 NSW State election.

With the legacy platform not extendable, new legislation in place and the NSW State election approaching, it was time for our next challenging project.


The solution provided to the NSW Electoral Commission was multi-faceted requiring new solutions for Design (UI & UX), Functionality (search, drill down and visual interaction), Technology (using Salesforce platform) and Performance (quicker page loads, search results and navigation between pages).

The user interface for the new platform was redesigned from scratch to support custom and enhanced search, drill down of the data and to provide visual representation along with transaction details. The end product had a much improved UI with better visualization and faster site speed.

The previous portal’s front end was built on a third party .Net platform. We developed the new platform front end on Salesforce to ensure smooth data integration. The new front end was built using with modern web frameworks and libraries. There was no previous reference data available for testing and tighter deadlines to develop and deploy the improved version, making it all the more challenging.

We also recommended architectural changes to deliver improved visual representation. There were functional enhancements including a new navigation and export data options. We implemented a data categorization & visualization system which allowed summaries to be displayed in a more user friendly manner. Easier to understand charts, the ability to view the data in different ways and accessibility based design meant that the new portal enabled users to access the data in a much better way.

NSWEC New Site
UI for the new NSWEC site

The final delivered solution was a significant improvement on the legacy system and was successfully delivered prior to the NSW 2019 State Election.  


Techforce Services and the NSWEC worked together in a combined project team to design, develop, test and implement the system.

We were able to deliver the capabilities for the NSWEC to publish Pre-Election Disclosures and Half-Yearly Disclosures, as required by the new legislation, in a timely and transparent manner with a significantly improved stakeholder experience