How Salesforce can help Educational Institutions?

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How Salesforce can
help Educational Institutions?

There are 4 broad ways Salesforce can help Educational Institutions


  1. Student enrollments
  2. Student communications
  3. Managing stakeholders
  4. Commercial research



Globally, education is becoming a highly discussed topic. Two questions are at the centre of this debate. Firstly, whether a formal college education is really a necessity. The other question is what role should private organisations play in the education sector.

Like with any healthy debate there are two sides to the argument. However, whichever side of the argument you are on, there is no denying that the goal of an educational organization (public or private, physical or digital) is to ensure the associated student achieves success.



The Salesforce Education Cloud for Higher Education can help educational institutions do just that.

Based on our experience with our clients, here are some cool and innovative ways, Salesforce can help educational institutions run their operations successfully.


Student Enrollments

An increased awareness of available choices confuses students about the options they have. Formal education, after all, is an investment for a lifetime. Those who have expressed interest in your institution will need personalized information. They can then take, arguably, the most important decision of their lives.

Salesforce’s functionalities of nurturing prospects allow institutions to reach out to prospective students in ways they would like to. It is easier to maintain the communication history of every student ensuring no thread is lost.

Read how a University in a niche space adapted Salesforce to streamline its recruitment process.


Student Communications

The impact of digitization in the education sector is that students are from a wider geography than ever – either spread across through the digital platform or at one diverse physical campus. In both scenarios, it is important to communicate effectively to students who speak different languages and have varied cultural nuances.

With Salesforce’s multilingual capability, achieving this is very easy.

Read why and how a US-based University used Salesforce to communicate consistently across its international campuses using Salesforce.


Managing Stakeholders

Working in silos is the bane of most organisations. This gets amplified in education management with a large number of schools and departments spread across. Such scenarios lead to excessive paperwork and lesser innovation.

Flexible architecture provided by Salesforce enables such organisations to streamline their processes as a one-time effort. Once done, new processes can be created on top of existing ones to ensure continuous improvement.

Check out how a prestigious business school used Salesforce to improve their internal processes.


Commercial Research

Given the wealth of educators and data educational institutions have, it is a logical extension of your time and resources to move towards commercial research. This will not only help you access additional funding but make the institution self-sustainable.

The challenge here, however, is how to have a consistent flow of good quality paid research projects. Here, Salesforce applications can be used to innovatively engage with the commercial organizations and bodies. Platforms can be created which can showcase the strength of the researchers as well as invite entities to collaborate.

See how one University is aiming to become the most entrepreneurial one in the UK using Salesforce.

There are many other ways in which Educational institutions can benefit from Salesforce. We would love to know how you are using Salesforce in your organization.

At Techforce Services, we have partnered with educational organizations helping them get the most out of their Salesforce environment.

Contact us to discuss how we can do that for your organisation as well.

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