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Create a complete and engaging experience for your students with Salesforce

According to a research by Google, 97% of students researched their options online. Be it a University or an online course they are keen to join, they will do all their research online.

With Salesforce for education, you can ensure that you use technology to deliver the best experience for your current and future students.

1 - Provide Correct Info - Education - Techforce ServicesProvide correct info to your students quickly

It is important for a potential student to readily find information about the courses, activities, fees, services and facilities on offer. The easier it is to access the top level information, the more comfortable they will become in taking the next steps.

Ensure Smooth Enrollment - Education - Techforce ServicesEnsure smooth enrollment for your candidates

Once the students have chosen your institution, they have made a significant commitment of time and money. By incorporating proper systems and processes you can ensure that their on boarding process is comforting.

3 - Provide Superior Support - Education - Techforce ServicesProvide superior support services to students

Continue the great work you have done so far. As students, they would have a million questions about how things are or when things break. Provide them the support how they would want to access – social, email, phone or in person.

Build a Thriving Community - Education - Techforce ServicesBuild a thriving community of students

One of the best ways to learn, is to learn from each other. As an educator, you can facilitate interactions, both offline and online, with the proper tools. Create a safe, secure and easy space for all students to engage amongst themselves.

Deliver Better Student Experience - Education - Techforce ServicesGet a single view of all student interactions

Deliver a superior student experience by getting information about all interactions with them at a single place. Manage the end to end experience with the help of a strong technology stack.

Techforce Services’ in-depth knowledge of our business processes and Salesforce setup has ensured the success of our Salesforce enhancement projects and allowed us to meet market deployment deadlines.

Bailey Heart, Senior Salesforce Analyst, The College of Law

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