Salesforce Lightning Experience Rollout Trailhead Superbadge

I recently completed the Lightning Experience (LEX) Rollout superbadge. being a trialhead addict/advocate and keeping  in mind the way it encourages us to learn the platform by practically solving the business use cases, I’m not going to give the complete solution here.. but I wanted to share some of the tricky ones I noticed.. hope… Read More

Salesforce Certifications and Trailhead

We are proud to share that our team at Techforce Services collectively has covered 8 different certifications in Salesforce covering across Consultant, Administrator, Developer and Domain Architect Tracks. Below is the list of Certifications we at Techforce Services has scored so far Administrator Track Salesforce Certified Administrator Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Developer Track Salesforce Certified… Read More

Google Integration: General Availability for Lightning for Gmail and Lightning Sync – Part II

In my previous blog (Part I) I discussed about Lightning for Gmail – the email integration for Gmail users. In this blog (Part II) we’ll look at Lightning Sync. Lightning Sync keeps contacts and events in sync between your Google applications and Salesforce. When you sync contacts and events between your Google applications and Salesforce,… Read More

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is transforming modern business. Through the cloud, new digital-centric businesses are emerging that are more agile and innovative than anything seen before. Whether a new, ‘upstart’ business like Techforce Services, with its compelling approach to leveraging cloud in delivering CRM (Salesforce) solutions; or an established company breaking into new markets, like Oracle, IBM… Read More

World Wide Web

It’s interesting that the greatest advance in software development isn’t development-specific.  The Web has transformed nearly every aspect of a software development company, greatly simplifying many tasks and making it possible for small companies to thrive in the global marketplace.  For just a few dollars a month, a software entrepreneur can market, sell and support his… Read More

Salesforce Developers

We are a small team of salesforce development experts – working on Apex, Visualforce and Lightning components and app development. If you are looking for salesforce developers to help your salesforce rollout, talk to us.