6 comments on “Salesforce Advanced Apex Specialist – Trailhead Superbadge”

Salesforce Advanced Apex Specialist – Trailhead Superbadge

Apex trailhead superbadge blog - Techforce Services

Continuing my quest with trailhead #SeizetheTrail , the last one in my list is the Advanced Apex Specialist Superbadge.  I started working on this superbadge and this post is to document some of the findings / tips / gotchas as I progress…

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Salesforce Lightning Experience Rollout Trailhead Superbadge


I recently completed the Lightning Experience (LEX) Rollout superbadge. Being a trailhead addict/advocate and keeping  in mind the way it encourages us to learn the platform by practically solving the business use cases, I'm not going to give the complete…