I've successfully completed the Lightning Component Framework Specialist superbadge & this post documents some of the tips & tricks / gotchas that I noticed as I progressed thru this superbadge.. Overall it took me close to 7 hrs (split across 3 days) to complete this with the below breakdown of steps..
  • Day 1 - Step 1, Step 2, Step 3
  • Day 2 - Step 4, Step 5, Step 6
  • Day 3 - Step 7, Step 8, Step 9, Step 10
Note : This superbadge is both a direct part of the Salesforce Platform Developer II certification and also required to unlock the Advanced Apex specialist superbadge which is again part of the Salesforce Platform Developer II certification below is the list of points I noted down (categorised by Steps).. hope this helps you if you are working on the superbadge. Step 1 make sure you read the pre requisite steps and complete all of them..
  • use a New Trailhead Playground environment,
  • disable the component cache in the setup
  • install the unmanaged package, 
  • understand the naming conventions to be used in the javascript controller & helper methods
  • review the data model of the objects introduced by the unmanaged package and check if the data has been imported in those new objects.
Step 2 Read & Understand the use case and visualise the layout of the entire page and how the individual components are fitting in and communicating between them.
  • this step entirely focuses on the BoatSearchForm component so make sure the UI of this component is fully ready
  • make sure the "New" button visibility is controlled by checking the support for the createRecord event
  • create both the Lightning page and the Lightning app containing all the 3 components we created before.
Step 3
  • This step focuses on the BoatSearchResults component
  • you will be creating a component to handle the display of each boat tile
Step 4
  • This step focuses on the communication between the search form & the search results component and how the search results refresh based on the selected boat type
  • make sure the FormSubmit lightning event is of type Component and not Application
Step 5
  • The BoatSelectedEvent is of type Application
Step 6
  • make sure the BoatReviewAdded lightning event is of type Component and not Application
  • In the AddBoatReview component, create both the controller and helper methods and make sure from the helper method and set the response back to the boat review attribute or log the error back to the browser console
Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 References Use the Salesforce Developer Forum and Stack Exchange discussions when you have exhausted all the options you can think of while solving a Step.. without trying your own attempts, referring these discussion threads will not help.. Good luck with the Super Badge and also with the Platform Developer II Certification.
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